UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN COLORADO, Public Relations Strategist, Oct. 2020-Present

Creative Content Producer, May 2018–Oct. 2020

  • Identify and create compelling content for digital and print publications, university websites and social media.
  • Manage the university’s Twitter account (@UNC_Colorado).
  • Assist with managing the news website and online calendar.
  • Edit the university’s official community newsletters to faculty/staff and students.
  • Help supervise a part-time writer as well as student staff.
  • Write press releases and media pitches.
  • Produce news and full-length features for the award-winning UNC Magazine and other publications.
  • Assist the director in a secondary role as university spokesperson and regional media liaison.

F+W MEDIA, SEO and Audience Development Specialist, September 2015–May 2018

  • Schedule and launch optimized landing pages designed to either capture email subscribers on WordPress websites or drive revenue on Magento eCommerce sites.
  • Track email acquisition, revenue, and traffic from executed landing page strategies.
  • Guide editors and marketers on top keywords to use to maximize search rankings.
  • Work with teams to conduct A/B tests to improve conversion funnel strategies. Assist with the Social Media program for managed communities (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) by promoting the optimized content that is planned and launched.
  • Work with teams to create and execute relationship and content-focused link building campaigns for managed communities.
  • Work with online editors to oversee general search engine optimization for managed websites.

FREELANCER, Northern Colorado area, May–December 2017

  • College of Liberal Arts at CSU (October–December 2017): Writing two feature articles about CLA alumni for the college’s magazine.
  • Core Fitness and Nutrition (September–December 2017): Conduct SEO site, backlink and content audits, on-page optimizations, and competitor analysis.
  • Colorado State University’s Student Resolution Center (July–October 2017): Create and implement social-media strategy and marketing plan.
  • Ensight Skills Center (May–September 2017): Improve the web presence and design.

SIGMA XI, THE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH HONOR SOCIETY, Web Managing Editor, January 2014–September 2015

  • Create and manage social media content for American Scientist magazine including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, and Google+.
  • Research new multimedia opportunities such as Google Hangouts On Air, upcoming social media sites and technologies.
  • Create multimedia content using audio and video equipment. and editing and animation software.
  • Research, negotiate, commission, approve, maintain and troubleshoot new functionality and initiatives that are needed and requested.
  • Field and troubleshoot inquiries from both internal and external partners regarding website functionality.
  • Work with editorial staff to post issues of American Scientist and other content online.
  • Manage locally hosted advertising on the site and in newsletters.
  • Plan, write, edit, mail and maintain electronic newsletter emails.
  • Assist in planning, writing, contributing and editing online-only content.
  • Contribute editorially to the magazine and website.
  • Offer input on the design, structure and functionality of the magazine and Sigma Xi websites.
  • Help guide SEO and social media strategy using Google Analytics and HootSuite for website.

U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, Communications Specialist (Student Contractor), July 2011–December 2013

  • Wrote newsletters, web content, press releases, blogs, social media content, articles using AP style for internal and external audiences.
  • Formatted and updated different internal and external websites using CMS, HTML and CSS.
  • Maintained internal website including calendar, variety of pages and banners using CMS.
  • Led collaborative effort between EPA researchers, communications staff, and Durham Public Library staff to publicize the installation of a public air-monitoring station. Coordinated the development of a ribbon-cutting ceremony and communications plan to educate the public on the event and the research.
  • Produced and edited videography projects from pre- to post-production.
  • Designed graphic and web content using Adobe Suite involving posters of various sizes, signs and flyers.
  • Editor of Air, Climate, and Energy Research Program internal and external newsletter.
  • Planned outreach strategies to target audiences for upcoming events and research topics of interest.
  • Photographed scientists, research projects and edited / optimized using Adobe Suite.
  • Traveled to various locations for exhibiting at conferences and multimedia projects.
  • Brainstormed outreach and communication plans both as a team and independently.
  • Analyzed and collected analytics from Google Analytics, GovDelivery and other metric sites.


  • Wrote articles regarding Carolina news stories and features pertaining to a UNC alumni target audience.
  • Produced video and audio pieces with music that were up on the website.
  • Created interactive Adobe Flash CS4 pieces coding with ActionScript, took photographs, researched history of class gifts for the project and contacted various sources regarding this. Went up on the website.

THE DAILY TAR HEEL, Multimedia Journalist, August 2009–April 2011

  • Produced projects with the use of video and audio to create visual news stories for The Daily Tar Heel Multimedia Desk online.
  • Took photographs to include in projects.
  • Interviewed various people both on camera and off. Contacted with sources.
  • Used Final Cut Pro on a Mac to edit photos together.editing program.
  • Met bi-weekly deadlines and attended weekly meetings to discuss schedules, stories and brain-storming.

THE DAILY TAR HEEL, University Desk Writer, August 2007–January 2008

  • Wrote articles relevant to campus news at UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • Contacted and interviewed various sources about campus news.
  • Photographed some photos to go along with my news stories.

THE STATE PORT PILOT, Reporter Intern, May 2007–August 2007

  • Wrote news and features articles as well as short blurbs regarding news in the Southport – Oak Island – Boiling Spring Lakes, N.C. area.
  • Photographed various stories to go along with my and others’ stories.
  • Wrote press releases, interviewed and contacted various sources via telephone, in person and email.
  • Shadowed reporters and photographers interviewing, writing stories and photographing subjects / materials.




Volunteer Experience

SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS, Volunteer Blogger, September 2016–April 2017

  • Write blog posts on a bi-weekly to monthly basis for First Draft, the SPJ Generation J Comittee Blog Final Draft (blogs.spjnetwork.org/genj/), on a variety of topics for student and new journalists.

FUZZY FACES REFUGE, Digital Media Specialist, January 2015–October 2015

  • Assist in increasing digital communications including revamping the website, social media sites, photography/videography, and outreach to the local and regional communities.
  • Produced a video for an annual event: youtu.be/i3VtAIzgSPI

CITIWIDE VOCATIONAL CENTER, Social Media and Website Coordinator, Dec. 2012–Nov. 2013

  • Kept WordPress website up-to-date using HTML and CSS, coordinate with founder long-distance.
  • Linked YouTube videos to pages within website.
  • Developed and design new logo using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Posted various types of news and information on Citiwide’s Facebook and Twitter.
  • Worked with Citiwide’s founder long-distance via phone and email on changes.

ALL-N’ TOGETHER SERVICES, Donator, Aug. 2012–October 2013

  • Led donation drives around the state for various school supplies for low-income public school students in rural counties.


  • 2017 Rising Star Award from News Media Alliance (2017)
  • David Jordan Whichard II Scholarship (2009)
  • NC Press Association Scholarship (2007)




    Search engine optimization (SEO), Google Tools (Trends, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, AdWords, etc.), audio/video equipment skills (lighting, microphones, tripods, recorders, cameras, and production), journalism, reporting and interviewing, WordPress, HTML/CSS, content management systems (CMS), online, news and feature writing, blogging, social media marketing and management, AP style, graphic and web design, electronic media management skills, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver, and Encoder, Windows/Mac friendly, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and basic C++.