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Litter: The Costs are Higher Than You Think!

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Did you know that it only takes a person an average of 12 steps before they come across a piece of litter outside? That's a lot of trash!

I strive to hit 10,000 steps in a day, especially with COVID-19 causing social distancing and stay-at-home orders. My husband and I walk around our neighborhood all the time and noticed the vast amounts of litter plaguing the streets, sidewalks and corners of our neighborhood. That's why I decided to pick up the litter while walking.

I bought this pick-up claw item from Amazon and take a plastic bag around with me and pick up the litter that I come across and can safely pick up. 

We walk within a mile radius of our home in Loveland, CO, and it's easy to fill half of a grocery bag with litter on that one walk. Most of the items picked up include cigarette butts, which account for 50% of all littered items, broken down plastic pieces (I never knew how much plastic was in fireworks until this past July 4th!), empty, plastic bottles, bottle caps and more. 

The following photos are of my most recent litter pick-up bag that took a total of four hours in three days within a mile radius of our home. Firework parts and cigarette butts were the most common:

My goal is to not only beautify our local neighborhoods where we live, but to bring awareness to people's habits of littering. I hope to eventually work with the city or a non-profit group in having social distanced community litter pick-ups to clean up our town as well as create informational fliers, digital assets, etc. 

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